Sunday, March 4, 2012

Artist Mark Skwarek flooded the main street of the city of Catskill NY and then tour the site in...
"The King's Boat"!!
Skwarek will use augmented reality to transform and flood the Catskill Main St.
This project will take place again in Catskill NY on
May 21st
as part of Wall Street goes to Main Street. Brik Gallery, 473 Main Street.

Catskill will come to life with exhibitors, performances, seminars and workshops planned for this ten week festival through May 31.

Mark Skwarek as "The King" [stunt double shown]

previous augmented reality boat work-
A seaworthy augmented reality rowboat has been achieved and skippered as of Feb 22 2012.

For Wall Street goes to Main Street I will build on the knowledge gained during construction of the rowboat to construct a much larger craft.... "The King's Boat".